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Dairy Farm

Slackhouse Farm Gilsland

Slack House Farm has been farmed by Eric and Dianne Horn for more than 20 years. They have dedicated their lives to building a sustainable productive organic dairy farm which has kindness at its heart. Slack House Farms ethical dairy model is based around treating their animal, their land and the environment with respect and kindness. Proving dairy farming can be kinder more sustainable and more ethical.

Milking traditional Ayrshire cows alongside their suckling calves. This cow with calf system works closely with nature provided happy cows and calves who share with us the highest standard of milk.

Our cows are free to roam and are 100% grass & pasture fed. Slack House Farm is certified organic and a member of OMSCO organic milk society co-operative providing the highest possible organic dairy farming and animal welfare standards which is GMO free, Antibiotic free, pesticides and herbicides free.

The Horn Family Ethos

The Horn family’s ethos to caring for the land, environment and water ways is at the heart of everything at Slack House Farm. In the bunk house, we use renewable energy and sustainable wood pellets, low energy bulbs and insulated throughout with natural Herdwick sheep wool. We are committed to using local produce and environmentally safe plant-based cleaning products, recycling, and whenever possible reusing. This is very important to us as we are committed to sustainable farming and protecting our environment not just for next week and next month but for the next year, next decade and the next generation to come. Reduce, reuse repurpose. We work to create a harmonious balance with our land.

Farm Shop

Farm produce is sold from the farm, through local shops and at farmer markets.

The shop will be available to bunkhouse guests on arrival and to the public please contact Dianne to check availability and opening times.

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Organic Products

Gorgeous fresh organic free-range eggs with amazing rich yellow yolks and natural flavour. Our free-range hens enjoy the highest welfare standards and make the most of the opportunity to roam and explore gardens and farmland at Stack House Farm.

Unpasteurised, unhomogenised raw milk products are exactly that- milk that is unprocessed, whole, and living, with all its probiotic bacteria intact.


Dairy Products

Our organic milk straight from our small family herd of traditional Ayrshire cows who are 100% grass and pasture fed in a quiet, relaxed, and stress-free environment, the most natural way dairy products can be produced. With a lot of extra love and care we offer the finest dairy products on the market. Our delicious milk is available in 2-pint heat sealed bags and is also provided during your stay with us in the bunkhouse for your enjoyment.

Slack House Farm cheeses are made by hand on the farm using our fresh organic milk, using traditional natural farming methods to create a premium quality product. Our very popular Birdoswald sweet milk cheese is well rounded and has a rich slightly sweet flavour. Coming from being aged from 6 months. Also available is mature, smoked, or black waxed Birdoswald cheese and Crowdie, which is a traditional curd cheese.

Gut loving prebiotic yogurt.

We also make a live natural yogurt which is sold in 1kg or 500g tubs. Yogurt is considered a superfood because it is packed with calcium, protein and active good bacteria which helps keep the gut healthy. This rich, full fat stirred natural yoghurt of pure nature is made with our organic milk and has a natural fat content, giving it a thick creamy soft consistency with a mild to taste. It is a perfect cooking ingredient as well as a tasty addition to breakfast, fruit, and snacks.

slackhouse farm cheese
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